Crazy Hight CTR CPA Method [Step By Step]



Sep 21, 2019
Hey guys,

so as such i thought id share a unique method i created that gets serious results.

I am a little reluctant to share the method however there are some points that could be worked on for evern better results so im putting it out here in the hope that maybe some of you can assist.

Okay so this method does require some tech savy which im sure you all have, and im not going to lie to you the tools required cost me around $100 but the results are insane and just an fyi - i am not selling anything and there will be not referral shizzle.

So first off what you need is a Wifi pineapple. now some of you guys are guna be like wtf is that?! basically the wifi pineapple is a little black box developed by a hacking group called Hak5 (google hak5 wifi pineapple to find the tool its like $97 or something) which you can use to hack wifi and stuff like that, but there is one feature on the pineapple that we can utilise to make thousands.

The feature on the wifi pineapple is called a captive portal - now an example of a captive portal is.. when you stay at a hotel and before you can use there wifi you have to log in and pay, or at some mcdonalds where you have to register with them before you can use there wifi.

Because the wifi pineapple lets you create a captive portal on any network you connect to without having to be an admin you can hook up to any network and force every user on that network to visit any page you desire..

Any. Page. CPA LOCKER PAGE!!?? ;)

Now you understand a bit about the method il explain how it works.

1. - register with CPA content locker: Cpagrip
2 - create a content locker with lnding page (to find out how use google)
3 -go to a public wifi hotspot with hundreds of connected users like a mall
4. - set up your laptop and plug in your wifi pineapple
5. - have your pineapple force users to your landing page with a captive portal re-direct (an example of good cpa landing page would be something along the lines of.. fill out the following survey for free wifi)
6. - sit back and let the hundreds of connected wifi users fill out your survey s to get there wifi.


The only slight issue i have found with this method is that its a little laggy/slow when set up. i believe this may be due to the surver that the captive portal runs off ( it is named nodogsplash )

for a better understanding of how nodogsplash captive portal works search "wifi pineapple nodogsplash" on youtube and you will see how you can force users to your page. To make the captive portal quicker and less laggy i thought about creating my own server with it installed but i am not sure how to create a captive portal. if we could do this we wouldn't have to buy the $100 wifi pineapple.

Hope you guys found this usefull and can see the potential, if you like please let me know.. THANKS


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Oct 31, 2019
Sounds great.
But the network might block you if they found the clicks are all coming from same ip.
Have you personally tried cpagrip for this method?
Did that get you blocked?
Please respond

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