How To Find Profitable/Big Niches?



Sep 21, 2019
Following are the best ways to find niches.

1- Stumbleupon

If you are not using Stumbleupon to find niches then you are missing it out.

This site has a list of 100+ interests section that you can choose.

2- Amazon

people usually think product as a niche, you should think of product's uses and applications. For instance, if you are looking at laptops, do not just think of keywords like 'best laptops' etc.Think outside the box like 'how to fix problems in laptops' or something like this.

Or you can also target accessories because there will be difficulties for beginner to target Electronic, health etc niches.

3- First Focus On High Traffic

As we all know that the main factor to finding profitable keywords are volume,CPC and CTR but not as much as traffic.

Most of people spend their time to think about CPC and increasing CTR, but their traffic is minimal.

keywords that bring in $100/day with Adsence need a lot of traffic , plain.

4- Local Bookstore Or Library

We should make a habit to go in libraries. I love reading, but it is also a fun way to do keyword research.

When we go to store, we should look around the entire store just browsing for topics I can create niche sites about. I remembered some things and then research on Keyword Tools when i get home.

If you know more ways then please share it.

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