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Sep 21, 2019

This method is so simple it can be done by anyone and it can be scaled to the clouds.

Most of black haters think that click-jacking is over or they are just afraid of it. However if it's done right with the right programming, no one will ever know that they have been click-jacked.

1. Prepare your clickjacker.
I've been using the Megajacker and it was the best clickjacker I've found. It can be used anywhere and it isn't detectable at all, so I'd suggest to invest a small investment to buy it. If not, you can find free clickjacker online, but it can be detectable and will not have the needed features on it.

2. Prepare your Facebook page. (or just use any page you want to send the likes to)
Now here you should choose your niche, how you will be monetizing your Facebook likes, or where you will send it. To make quick cash, just sell the likes. The best is to sell likes and create additional Facebook pages connected to Massplanner which would post the content automatically. This way you will be able to grow these pages automatically and later monetize or sell them. Some of these pages may help with the clickjacker too, because it will require to have a traffic.

3. Get the traffic and start getting likes!
To use the clickjacker we will need a website with some traffic and here are few parts how to get it.

3.1. Tumbler traffic

Easiest and awesome way to get really targeted likes. You just need to setup a tumblr account with a certain niche and start regularly posting content to it. To get the images for posting, search google or other tumbler accs. I used massplanner for this, so I just been working once a week on this preparing a campaign for a week. I noticed that when tumbler gets indexed to google with a very specific niche it can get really quick traffic, not much, but it's F*** targeted and quick and that's what we need!

Don't forget to add your clickjacker to your tumblr. I used an unique popup with email subscribtion form which was generating me additional income, on background and close button the clickjacker was implemented. You will need to contact megajacker support or find some webmaster to do this if you dont have basic html knowledge.

3.2. Fake news on social media, forums, blogs, everywhere!

For this method you will have to buy a domain and setup a simple WordPress website or simply setup and account on WordPress com or Blog spot.

Name your website like Trendy News com and prepare a theme, so it would show only title, maybe image (optional), and description (optional) + Big Continue button.

Add the clickjacker to continue button and start adding crazy news.

You can get ideas for it on buzzed, whats trending com or simply by googling "fake OR viral news"

IMPORTANT: Create very attractive titles, descriptions and images, which must show up in social media (if you are using WordPress on your host dont forget to add WP Social Meta or WPSSO plugin). For the continue button link use any similar link from these pages.

When you will have some page ready, go and post them to groups of Facebook, pinterest, forums, blog comments, post them everywhere like crazy! You can find places to post by googling similar things, like "Selena Gomez" and posting something like "Shit shes s3x. here's the s3x tape of her if anyone is looking for it www trendynews com/selena-gomez-has-released-a-s3x"

You got the idea right?

So basically you have to prepare the simple website with the clickjacker and send a lot of traffic to it. When anyone clicks on the website to continue, the clickjacker checks if the person is logged in to facebook and likes your pages automatically without them noticing it. My average click through on my main site was almost 100%. You just have to make it look simple and real.

4. Cash in!
After bringing some traffic to your CJ websites you will start noticing the likes.

Sell your likes on fiverr/forums, grow and sell your Facebook pages or monetize them!

That's all!
Think out of box to start it, test it and scale it!

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