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Nov 4, 2019
I hope this helps a lot of you just starting out. Trying to rank sites with no moniez now days can be a real pain.

How to get Ahrefs free premium account:
Basically, it is not a big trick, it is just a game of minds. Yes.!!! It 100% works. As I told you above, 100% you must have verified PayPal Account with no balance.

Steps of Ahrefs Account Free:

First of all, Need Fake Verified PayPal Account. It can be Personal or Business.
The Peoples who live in Asia or India countries it’s very difficult to get Verified PayPal Account without having document.
You Need to Use Fake Detail of any Pan Card for PayPal Verification.
How To Get Ahrefs Premium Account Free Backlinks 2017 [$179]

With having Above Pan Cards then go to http://www.paypal.com and create new one account with fake all fake details like Fake-Name, Fake-Surname, Fake-Address, Bank account details.
ith a new email account before creating ahrefs.

Note: It is Necessary that all entered Information must be Fake.
After Creating PayPal Account now go to create a new mail recommended Gmail id. You Need New Mail every time whenever you want to get free Ahrefs premium accounts.
After Successful Creating of PayPal and Mail Account. Now Navigate to Ahrefs.com. Apply for Ahrefs Account.
How To Get Ahrefs Premium Account Free Backlinks 2017 [$179]

Fill out all fake information while creating Ahrefs account.
At Payment Option, Select “PayPal”.

It will Redirect to the PayPal Payment page. Enter detail of Any empty card, credit card or Payoneer card then click submit.

At the end, it will create “Pre-Approved Payment” in PayPal account., After getting premium Ahrefs Account now, a Remove PayPal Account.
Congrats! you have Ahrefs Premium Account.

Tips to create again Ahrefs account after the expiry
You can use thousands of new emails account to your PayPal. Just create an extra email account on Gmail then linked this email to your PayPal account.
2. Always try to sign up for a new email account before creating Ahrefs.

1.You must not have any credit or balance on your PayPal or credit/debit card associated with your PayPal account otherwise you will be charged for $179 for the expiry period of 1 weeks.

2.You must cancel your premium subscription on the last day of 1 week (only if you have kept balance on your PayPal or credit or debit card).

Note: If you Follow this article step by step , its 101% guarantee you will get ahrefs free Account. and if can’t , then we will not responsible of This. you have to Follow the Steps First. ?? If you find any help through this, Must share it. it would be appreciated.

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